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Before You Go! 

Don’t forget this important step!

We may be “Carefree World Travelers” but we’ve learned the importance of Pre-Planning!

You’re leaving on your trip … a month, a year … or maybe you’re ready to become a nomad/vagabond/world traveler.  Sounds wonderful!  But be assured there will be pitfalls along the way and the one that can ruin the entire experience and place you in a very uncomfortable situation is …. running out of money!

Yes, money is the thing that prevents a lot of people from stepping out of their comfort zone and taking the plunge.  But it is also money that can derail your plans and have you emailing your family and friends to bail you out with an airline ticket home.  No kidding!

Bill is a “seat of your pants” kinda guy.  You know the type … he comes up with a (brilliant) idea, immediately starts working on it and – before you know it – he’s off!

Priscilla – probably due to her British upbringing (and boarding school)  in Kenya – is much more practical.  That’s what makes our relationship – and travels – work.

Our Preparation for our Southeast Asia adventure:

Ever since our extended stay in Panama in 2012, we had been talking about doing the same thing in Southeast Asia – at least for six months – and when we decided in April 2016 that this was the year, we did three things.

  • First we decided on the best time to be there … October through March. (It’s “winter” in this part of the world so we’ll avoid the extreme heat and rain.)
  • Next we planned our itinerary based on previous travel to the area.
  • Finally – and most importantly – we researched costs and put together a budget. At this point in time we are living on a pretty much fixed income and our goal is for our expenses to be less than our income – without resorting to couch surfing!  The savings will go towards our next long-term adventure.

Let’s look at some obvious costs.

Prior to leaving:  Inoculations, Airfare (a major expense unless you’ve accrued air miles); Travel Insurance (essential, in our opinion); Luggage (suitcase/backpack), Clothing, Gear

Once there: Accommodation; Transportation within the country/ies, Food/Drink, Sightseeing. Where things can go awry is not researching the “sightseeing” part of the equation.  In certain parts of the world this can be expensive.

Due to our travel background (retail and wholesale travel managers for 20+ years ) we are fortunate to know experts in Southeast Asia.  These are people we’ve worked with in the past and whose knowledge of the area is unsurpassed.  Yes — you bet we’ve used this resource and it has given us a unique advantage.  Tip:  Use ALL your resources!  (the Six Degrees of Separation theory states that everyone in the world can be connected through just 6 people!)

It’s worth spending time estimating costs before you get too far into your plans.  We don’t engage in expensive hobbies like sky diving and skiing so our costs could be less than yours.  But what you might consider inexpensive entertainment back home could cost more than you have budgeted for in certain countries.  This pre-planning may sound boring but it will save you headaches later on and, in fact, will get you excited as you see things begin to fall into place.

Follow the Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared”!