Facts about Bill

Bill Parke

Loves travel! Best experience as the owner of three travel agencies in Central Florida was planning and escorting tours and cruises. Favorite area of the world – Asia. Passionate about cars! Born in Detroit that’s a given. Great memories of street racing against friends. Fascinated with the Internet. Happy to spend hours learning web design and Social Media. Keen photographer.

Facts about Priscilla

Priscilla Parke

Passionate about the continent of her birth – Africa – its people and wildlife. Fascinated with different cultures and customs. Prefers off the beaten path experiences such as gorilla tracking! Best part of her travel career was helping clients get the most from their travel experience. Enjoys writing about her travels.

who Are We?

We met while both of us were veterans of the travel industry – Bill as owner of successful travel agencies in Central Florida, and Priscilla as Sales Director for a worldwide Tour Operator. In retrospect, our love of travel must have played a part in bringing us together! How else do you explain how Priscilla, born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, and Bill, born and raised in Michigan, just happened to be at a travel conference in Hollywood, Florida?! It was meant to be!

Over the years we’ve been able to travel – individually and together – to some of the most exotic parts of the world including Southeast Asia, China, India, South Africa, Europe (one of our favorite trips was barging in France). We’ve also taken time to explore much of the United States on two RV trips.

No wonder we evolved into carefree world travelers seeking to experience different cultures and lifestyles!

For years our dream has been to live in foreign countries – not just visit them for a few days or weeks.  Then – suddenly – we saw friends passing on, we felt our bodies changing and slowing down … and we asked ourselves “If we don’t do it now, will it be too late?”  Maybe this was our Midlife Crisis – exactly what we needed to turn our dream into reality!

So many places to see, so many people to meet, so much to learn and, hopefully, to contribute along the way.

“The journey not the arrival matters”  T.S. Eliot

How it Began

In 2012 we took the first step and flew from Central Florida to Panama, Central America!  Initially, we went to house-sit for 10 weeks and after that stayed for a year.  We made wonderful friendships, enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding the town of Boquete, waking each morning to see Mt. Volcan (over 11,000ft./3353m) right on our doorstep. We lived at 3,500ft, (1067m) where the temperature remained in the mid 70’s (21c) year-round.  We learned a little Spanish, explored the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro and gorged ourselves on the wonderful tropical fruits and vegetables we found in local markets.

Life was good and we could have stayed longer… but then we looked at our Bucket List, came back to the US, bought an RV trailer and spent 9 months “on the road”.  Despite never having RV’d before, we had a ball!  So much so that we did another RV trip a couple of years later, this time for 7 months.  We are, by no means, finished with our North American travels!

What’s next? Southeast Asia is Bill’s favorite part of the world and Africa is Priscilla’s so these destinations are planned for 2016 and 2017.  But, as carefree world travelers, we’re likely to change our minds along the way. As our website indicates, we are not locked into anything … that’s the meaning of Carefree Traveling!  What we enjoy about carefree traveling is that we can relax and see what comes along to move us to the next destination!

We hope to inspire you to take that leap – like we did – or, if that isn’t for you, join us as a carefree armchair traveler.  Either way we’re glad you’re joining us on our journeys.

Bill and Priscilla