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Travel is Fun … Right?


The answer is a resounding “YES” – for the most part! But there are always challenges to overcome and circumstances to adjust to, no matter how well traveled one might be. Take, for instance, the first four days of our six month adventure in Southeast Asia. It was quite a marathon!

airportDay 1: We were up at 6:00am and driven by a good friend to catch our 9:00am flight from the Orlando Airport to Washington Dulles Airport. With the help of a United Airlines representative, our check-in was quick and easy and we had plenty of time to relax with a coffee and a light breakfast. We were surprised to find that we had been ‘randomly’ selected for the TSA Fast Pass and were soon at the Gate standing in line #4 for boarding. Flight time: 2 hours 9 minutes.

We transferred at Dulles Airport to our ANA flight to Narita and were interested to learn that Economy class passengers all boarded at the same time instead of being called by row number. We saw people lining up but didn’t realize what was happening! By the time we got on board we only just had room to store our two back packs overhead! Lesson learned for our next connection in Narita to Bangkok! Flight time: 14 hours 5 minutes.

Day 2: Crossing the dateline brought us to Bangkok at 11pm. Total flight time: 16 hours 14 minutes – approximately 20 hours with layovers. Our minds and bodies had no idea where we were or what time it was! Airport pick-up, a quick shower and into bed around 1:00am. No wonder we were a couple of basket cases!